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Forsaken by Arahiel

Rotten Apple Banishing Spell


for thewispsoftime

1. Cut an apple in half horizontally, so the star is exposed.

2. Rub one half of the apple with a mint leaf, while visualizing what needs to be banished. You may also write it on a piece of paper.

3. Put the two halves of the apple back together…


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Delights of The Garden*.* 

“She does not knowHer beauty,She thinks her brown bodyHas no glory.If she could danceNaked,Under palm treesAnd see her image in the riverShe would know.But there are no palm treesOn the street,And dishwater gives back no images.”Nina Simone 

Delights of The Garden*.* Pure Black African Beauty.

Astoundingly gawjuss!

Delights of The Garden*.* 

Bodi tribe woman, Hana Mursi, Omo Ethiopia (by Eric Lafforgue)

Remarkably gawjuss!

Delights of The Garden*.* colors of humanity.


Delights of The Garden*.* 


Photo Title: ~ Black Is The Colour ~   |   Without doubt or hesitancy… if someone ever questions the beauty of our race… I must… (we must)… without a word… simply be able to show true images of ourSelves… naturally… that will silence their curiosity & persuade their paradigms to shift… unapologetically. ♥ 
{This… is a part of my Mission ♥}

That pleasant moment when you see your non-tumblr friends on your dash.  She’s as brilliant a professor/scholar as she is beautiful.

Living in a homogenous community like mine makes me more sensitive to things like this. When you’re one of the desolate few African Americans in a small Utah town many people tend to treat you like you’re a thug, so I’m grateful for things like this. Anyway…


Samuel L Jackson Wake the Fuck Up - Obama 2012 Campaign message (by LDLTVNow)

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